The conjunction of over a year of humanity’s worldwide struggles with Covid-19 with Earth Day 2021 reminds us that we do indeed live within a single earth and a natural environment that we must preserve, and restore if we want to continue to have happy fulfilling lives for ourselves and  for future generations.  In that vein, BCSEA continues to work hard to try to move British Columbia to do our part to avoid another crisis that threatens our lives now, and our lives in the future – the climate crisis.  As our chair, Jonathan Ho, outlined last month in our newsletter, BCSEA is making use of some of the downtime required of us by Covid-19 to improve and refocus our organization on some of the things that BCSEA does best without taking our eyes off our overall goal of working to achieve a 100% sustainably powered BC.
Happy Earth Day to you, our volunteers, members, and supporters!  We welcome any ideas you would like to give us to make BCSEA better and more effective and we hope to see many of you who are members virtually at our Special General Meeting this Saturday, April 24 to discuss our proposed new strategic direction.  And if you’d like to attend our meeting or support what we are doing, we urge you to consider becoming a BCSEA member today at!  If you are a member, don’t forget to register for our Special General Meeting here.

Monday, April 19, 2021