Message from our Board Member, Olga Kosarewicz

On this year’s World Water Day (March 22), let’s reflect a bit on this extremely valuable resource. 

Water is a shared resource. The challenges of climate change and a growing world population, mean that efficiently managing water is more important than ever.  

British Columbia generates nearly all of its electricity by harnessing the power of flowing water, a clean and renewable source. 

The way we think about and manage water should be grounded by everyone’s values. It helps having an important approach to work with others to enable more effective water governance and stewardship across the communities and regions, and from there, collaborate toward solutions to shared water challenges.

Did you know that about 11% of the GHG are emitted from heating the hot water, as indicated by  Water Wise?  Reduce your hot water and save money.

As warmer weather arrives, for those planning to travel, take a look at Save Water When Travelling information and resources about water conservation while traveling.

For those staying at home and happen to have a a green thumb, Guide to Drought-Resistant Landscaping provides tips to conserve water and save money.

Additional tips can be found at the Cool It! webpage.

And check out the very active interventions in BC Utilities Commission proceedings (see the Policy Corner for more information).

The BCSEA Board will be getting together in late Spring for a Strategic Planning session, to aim to address the financial strain experienced during the pandemic. If you have an exciting idea and would like to get involved, please contact us at

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Happy Spring!