hy-fcell Canada

The hy-fcell Canada conference took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from June 5 to June 7, bringing together the global hydrogen community in a collaborative and engaging event. This three-day conference, dedicated to the hydrogen sector, featured a diverse range of activities as part of its program, including Technical Tours, Panel discussions, Networking sessions, B2B Matchmaking, and an impressive exhibition.

Located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, this region has emerged as an international hub for hydrogen sector development. It hosts prominent companies such as Ballard, Unilia, FTXT, HTEC, Ekona Power, and many others. This area has become a hotbed for groundbreaking advancements not only in technology but also in policies, standards, and safety regulations.

The exhibition showcased a wide array of local and international companies, highlighting their innovative products such as fueling stations, hydrogen fuel cell cars, fuel cell engines, and equipment for fuel cell manufacturing and testing. Additionally, end-use customers showcased their projects, providing valuable insights into real-world applications. The Technical Tours included visits to notable organizations such as Toyota Canada, HTEC, AVL, and Greenlight Innovation, among others.

The conference’s panel discussions addressed a broad range of topics, covering technical aspects such as fuel cell components, electrolyzers, and hydrogen blending, as well as social considerations like social licensing, first nations leadership, and investments. Furthermore, implementation-related topics were explored, including ports and marine, vehicle fleets, trucks, and buses. Each evening, the networking events provided excellent opportunities for attendees to connect and foster professional growth.

The public opinion and popularity of hydrogen have significantly evolved over the past decade, positioning it as one of the leading contenders for decarbonization alongside electric vehicles. Canada, particularly British Columbia, stands as a pivotal location for further development and implementation of hydrogen technology. We must continue on this collaborative path of progress to drive innovation and achieve sustainable solutions.   

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by Pranshu Shelat, Vancouver Chapter Interim Chair