Dear fellow British Columbians,


Our thoughts are with those experiencing the devastating effects of the wildfires across our province. During these challenging times, we must prioritize the safety of our communities and come together to support one another. This moment also highlights the urgent need to work toward sustainable energy alternatives. A significant energy transition is necessary to reduce the frequency and intensity of climate-related emergencies like wildfires.


First and foremost, please ensure your safety by following the guidance of local authorities and emergency service providers. Evacuate when advised to do so and heed all travel restrictions. Your life and the lives of others depend on swift action and adherence to safety protocols. Stay informed about fire conditions and evacuation alerts and orders through reliable sources such as:


• for the latest emergency updates

• for wildfire news and updates

• for weather alerts

• for current road conditions


And make use of apps such as:


• BC Wildfire Service (iPhone/Android)

• Alertable (iPhone/Android)

• Voyent Alert! (iPhone/Android)


We also encourage everyone to exercise additional caution this wildfire season. Respect all fire bans and avoid activities that could inadvertently spark a fire.


These events remind us of the urgent need to address climate change, preserve our natural environment, and work toward a sustainable future. By coming together as a community, advocating for sustainable energy solutions, and supporting local conservation efforts, we can protect our beautiful province for generations to come.


Stay safe, stay resilient, and work with the BCSEA toward a sustainable future.