A Message from our Board Director,
Brian Douglas

Dear Members,

As we enter March, a pivotal time across many provinces marking the commencement of the renewable energy season, British Columbia stands as a fortunate exception, affording us the opportunity to engage in rooftop solar initiatives year-round.

We are pleased to announce that BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA)  collaborated with Solar Alberta, March 21 for a webinar titled “Navigating Rooftop Solar Across Canada,” aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration within the renewable energy sector. This webinar, featured esteemed speakers such as Heather MacKenzie from Solar Alberta, James Rendle from Solar Nova Scotia, Erwin Heuck from the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA), and myself representing BCSEA.  Find the webinar here if you missed attending.

Moreover, BCSEA has recently expanded its reach with the establishment of a new chapter in Prince George.  Each of our four chapters offer avenues for proactive engagement and involvement. We extend our gratitude to these chapters, namely Paul Rasmussen and Tom Hackney, Co-Chairs for the Victoria Chapter, Trevor Basso-Stephenson and Helen Su as Co-Chairs for the Metro Vancouver Chapter, Ted Spearin and Terry Dyck, Co-Chairs for the Okanagan Chapter, and Paul Tiefensee, Chair for our new Prince George Chapter.  

In addition to our collaborative efforts, BCSEA has been actively participating in rate design workshops and is pleased to share exciting developments emerging from the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC). Notably, BC Hydro’s proposed permanent electric vehicle (EV) public charging rates have received approval from the BCUC. These rates, set at 34.34 ¢/kWh for all fast charging stations and 28.28 ¢/kWh for Level 2 charging, represent a significant milestone in promoting sustainable transportation infrastructure. BCSEA, alongside the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA), supported the approval of these rates. It is worth noting that these rates are energy-based and have been sanctioned by Measurement Canada, underscoring the commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance. BC Hydro is mandated to submit an evaluation report by August 31, 2025, a timeline that reflects a judicious consideration of stakeholders’ concerns regarding the adequacy of data collection for an informed assessment.  Find more information here

Finally, it is through your continued support and engagement that we continue to do what we do to collectively strive toward a more sustainable energy future.

Warm regards,

Brian Douglas

Board of Directors,