Prince George Chapter

Who we are

The Prince George’s Chapter of the BCSEA advocates for the sustainable development of natural resources in British Columbia while preserving our environment. We believe in the responsible management of our natural resources to create jobs for current and future generations. We work through communities, Indigenous organizations, and governments to promote the engagement of all stakeholders. We promote the development of world-class environmental stewardship, manufacturing technologies, and education. Our goal is to ensure we have strong local and provincial legislation for
the protection and sovereignty of B.C.’s natural resource value-added sector to develop a diverse industrial hub in the resource industry.

What we do

We advocate for projects and products that optimize reductions in carbon and hydrocarbon use. In doing so, we have realized that solutions must recognize the current infrastructure inequality as well as the limitations and challenges of our geography and climate. We have identified a gap in the way our country evaluates net zero solutions.

Communities across the province face inequalities in terms of infrastructure development; these are combined with additional constraints such as cold weather and geographic location. This must be addressed. These inequalities are most evident when comparing southern B.C. to northern B.C.  To heal this divide, it’s important to understand that a single, one-size-fits-all solution may not work. When evaluating solutions on a total carbon footprint – from concept to completion – one can appreciate an optimal solution will be tailored to the unique needs of a community. 

Considerations when evaluating a net zero solution’s total carbon footprint include inputs and outputs in all phases including creation, production, and destruction.

Where we meet 

The BCSEA Prince George’s Chapter meets virtually every month on the second Tuesday. If you are looking for more information or are interested in joining our next meeting, please contact us at 

Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers in any northern community. As the northern part of B.C. is geographically vast, we have virtual volunteering opportunities! If you are interested, please reach out to us at

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