Sustainability Advisor

Sustainability Advisor

Job Description:

The primary focus of this position is to manage and/or assist on high performance green buildings that have identified sustainability targets such as LEED, Step Code, Passive House, Zero Carbon, and City of Vancouver Green Buildings Policy.

Reports to: 

  • Principals

Essential Functions:

  • Manage and coordinate multiple green building projects
  • Research and present green building strategies to clients, design consultants, and construction teams        
  • Manage scope and budget of projects 
  • Liaise with green building certification bodies (GBCI, PHI)
  • Prepare reports and presentations that communicate green building performance results
  • Work with project teams and coordinate project documentation for certification
  • Facilitate design workshops and Integrated Design Process
  • Manage internal projects
  • Assist with various aspects of operations
  • Mentor and give regular constructive feedback to peers
  • Resolve technical issues effectively


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