Newsletter Article, March 4, 2022

After two years of COVID-caused delays, the Victoria Chapter will have a booth at the Victoria Spring Home Show.

A lot has been happening recently in BC’s energy world, starting with the provincial CleanBC climate action plan of 2018, followed by the Roadmap to 2030, which among other things promises a legislated hard GHG emissions cap for BC’s natural gas utilities – applied to their customers’ emissions.

Also, Local governments around BC in on Vancouver Island have been making increasingly stringent plans to reduce their communities’ GHG emissions. And the federal government is ramping up its actions on climate change.

For individuals, this means increasing pressure to reduce emissions, along with many new products on the market to improve home energy efficiency, and increasing government incentives switch off fossil fuels, both in home use and for transportation.

The Spring Home Show gives us a great opportunity to engage and educate the public on these developments, and encourage them to take action.

It will take place from Friday, April 29th through to Sunday, May 1st in the big arenas of the West Shore Recreation Centre in Colwood.

We’re looking for outgoing volunteers who want to engage with people. We also need some strong arms to load and set up heavy displays. We will provide training prior to the show.

Please contact Tom Hackney at It’s a great opportunity to learn about sustainable energy, and it should be lots of fun.