Dear members and donors,

With the passing of the vernal equinox, we have officially entered the spring season. This coincides with our emergence from the unprecedented period of the last two years, with a gradual return to our normal lives. As the spring days become longer and longer, I reflect on how the pandemic impacted BCSEA and how, despite the many challenges, we pulled through as a community. 

Thank you to all the members, donors, and volunteers for your continued support and perseverance throughout the last two years. With your support, BCSEA was able to adapt to the public health restrictions, continue to provide impactful programs and contribute to the ongoing conversations about the future of our provincial energy systems.

The Cool-It program was not only able to adapt to an online format but was able to thrive and grow this past year. As announced in the previous newsletter, Cool-It received a provincial grant to build on these successes and expand the program in the coming year. 

The team representing the BCSEA at the BC Utilities Commission continues to take part in dozens of proceedings impacting many facets of our energy system. They provide guidance and expertise on issues including electric vehicle charging infrastructure, renewable natural gas, demand-side management, low-carbon electrification opportunities, and other utility planning issues, all against the backdrop of the provincial government’s CleanBC plan.

During the pandemic, these activities would not have been possible without your support. And now that life is slowly returning to normal, we may see a return to in-person events in our future, giving us a chance to reconnect. It will be a gradual process, but with the warming temperatures and longer days, I cannot help but express a sense of optimism about our future. 

On behalf of the BCSEA board of directors, I extend my thanks to all members, donors, and volunteers that allow us to continue this important work. Continue to be kind to one another, and we’ll see each other soon.