Chemical Technician

Solaires Enterprises Inc.

Job description: Chemical Technician

Solaires consists of a diverse team of scientists, engineers, business professionals, and clean energy enthusiasts united under one common goal: to develop the next generation of solar cells!

Solaires has developed a perovskite-based Solar Ink™ that will enable thin-film solar cell manufacturers to replace the conventional semiconductor materials in photovoltaic (PV) solar modules.  Perovskite solar cells have received tremendous attention in recent years due to their unprecedented sprint in power conversion efficiency and ease of processing. Compared to other perovskite inks, our Solar Ink™ has a unique formulation that allows longer shelf life and processing in ambient conditions. 

The Chemical Technician will work hands-on in the lab directly with our scientists and is responsible for customer projects, maintaining the lab and supporting technical project leads

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