The Victoria Chapter participated in the  Victoria Spring Home Show  on the last weekend of April, after two years of Covid delays.  Over this three day event, approximately 200 people got a chance to learn about incentives for energy efficiency measures in their homes, thanks to BCSEA’s energetic volunteers!  

A very popular display was the prototype  Electrom electric bike that we had on display – the creation of local designer and e-bike enthusiast Fabrizio “Tig” Cross.

One volunteer reported: “My take  is  visitors are seeking:

  • Human connection, especially after all the isolation this pandemic has brought on
  • To alleviate fears around the process: knowing they have support as they navigate their sustainability journey
  • Community with those who share similar values
  • Resources to support  changes
  • Acknowledgement of what they have done and where they are going in their sustainability journey” 

Thanks to our volunteers who work hard to make each event successful and certainly did so this time connecting with attendees!

Celebrate Canada Day with the BCSEA in Victoria

Stop by the BCSEA booth at this open-air event, taking place at the Gorge on Canada Day, Friday, July 1st.

 We are also seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help out throughout the day.
If this is of interest to you please contact:
Tom Hackney at tom.hackney@bcsea.orgk