The Kamloops Chapter hosted our first in-person event since the pandemic, on Saturday, June 11th where we welcomed 30 local residents to the net-zero building presentation and tour in Kamloops.  This event was a second joint venture between the Kamloops Chapter and Miles Pruden, of Nexbuild, who just recently completed building a net-zero daycare in follow-up to the residential 4-plex built in 2018.  Miles and 3 other families reside in the 4 unit building, and had several years of data and lived experience to share with attendees.  Following this presentation and tour, the group moved a few blocks away to visit the new daycare which incorporated current technology and learning gleaned from the first venture.  A big thankyou to our volunteers and Miles for their dedication in bringing awareness to low carbon, energy efficient lifestyles.

On another front, members of the Kamloops Chapter continue to support the City of Kamloops Sustainability Program staff, in their efforts to implement some of the 8 Big Moves of the Community Climate Action Plan adopted last summer by the City of Kamloops.  The Heat Pump Capacity Building Project undertaken by Climate Analyst, Katryna Barone had just recently been posted to the City’s website. 

This project was the result of discussions our group had with the City Sustainability Team, about moving forward to reduce carbon emissions to meet the targets of the newly adopted climate action plan.  The Kamloops Chapter’s role was to help identify challenges and obstacles to heat pump adoption and to gather homeowners to participate in surveys and focus groups.  We are very pleased with the resulting report that we believe clearly and honestly identifies areas of focus for which the City can take action on.  Not only will this report benefit Kamloops but we think it will be of value to other similar communities in BC, so we encourage you to have a look.

This group is rallying supporters of the proposed EV Ready, new residential development zoning bylaw.  We believe this is an important implemention of the Community Climate Action Plan, and want to show Council we endorse the proposed bylaw. Please join us at the upcoming hearing July 29th at Council Chamber, City Hall 7pm. For those unable to attend, we ask that you email our Mayor and Council to express support.