Over the past year, our Kamloops Chapter representatives liaised with the City of Kamloops Sustainability Department staff, in support of the implementation of the 8 Big Moves identified in the plan.  

The latest effort of the City Sustainability team has been to draft a proposal for the EV Ready Bylaw ensuring all newly constructed residential dwellings (single-family and multi-unit) will provide the necessary infrastructure to enable EV owners to charge their vehicles at home.

The Kamloops steering committee members joined local stakeholders and attended two successive workshops hosted by the City. 

In July members attended a public hearing for the  proposed bylaw.  After local developers advocated for more flexible requirements for “rough-in ready”infrastructure, the Sustainability team went to work revising the bylaw.  With feedback incorporated, Sustainability Department Supervisor, Glen Cheetham, presented the current version of the bylaw, now being termed EV Capable, to the Kamloops Chapter steering committee members who have agreed to provide an expression of support for the latest bylaw draft.

It is our hope and intention that the new EV Capable Bylaw will help enable the adoption of low carbon transportation, therefore, reducing greenhouse gas emissions as targeted by the Community Climate Action Plan.