vancouver Chapter Update

In support of the Zero Emissions Economic Transition Action Plan (ZEETAP) and CEAP buildings work, VEC h as recently released the Heat Pump Technology Attraction Strategy.  This strategy aims to identify the availability, needs and gaps of heat pump technologies in BC, and identify barriers and actions to overcome them.  Read the full report here and feel free to share widely.  VEC has produced a sharing kit to make it easy.

On January 1, 2023, the following regulations (approved by council earlier this year) come into effect for home renovations in detached houses:

  • For major home renovations over $250,000 in valuer, existing space heating and hot water systems must be replaced with electric versions.
  • Any air conditioning system (Not including portable air conditioning units) installed in existing homes must also provide heating.

These regulations advance CEAP efforts to reduce the biggest source of carbon pollution in Vancouver, burning fossil fuels to provide heating and hot water in buildings.  Learn more here and consider sharing with your networks.  The City also offers many supports for homeowners, including renovation rebates and resources and home energy coaching through the Home Energy Navigator program.