In This Time of Crisis – Don’t We Need New Solutions?

Svend Andersen, MBA, MSc is a greenhouse gas (GHG) accountant, CEO, and sustainability professional with 20 years of experience in the environmental management field, trained in the ISO 14000 series and the GHG Accounting standards ISO 14064-1,-2, -3. He has worked in executive positions in Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, and the USA with an international business portfolio. He founded GHG Accounting Services in 2009 with the mission of supporting clients in their sustainability pathways. By combining environmental management expertise with state-of-the-art technology solutions, he has successfully advised clients of all sizes, including local, regional and provincial governments, Crown corporations, agencies, and not-for-profits development of environmentally effective and financially sound climate action projects.

Svend believes in the importance of sustainability education and is a regular speaker and guest lecturer on sustainable business practices, carbon financing, and municipal and corporate climate change strategies.

GHG Accounting services are provided by a diverse, experienced team that values transparency, innovation, technology, and people-focused solutions, adding meaningful value to their projects. The team shares a view that we all are responsible for a world without discrimination. Our voices and actions protect a safe and respectful environment for all to work and live in equity.

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