Solar Paving – Smart Infrastructure for Clean Cities

The world’s urban environments consist of 20-30% sun-baked concrete.  Transportation infrastructure vital for a city’s success, however costly in terms of construction and land use.  What if there was a better way to leverage these surfaces to capture the free Solar Energy vital for economic development and quality of life?
Enter Paving Integrated Photovoltaics solutions:
Pavement Integrated Photovoltaics or Solar Paving involves ‘paving’ roads, pathways, bike paths, plazas, or decks with hardened solar modules that can withstand pedestrians and low-velocity vehicles, extreme weather events, and day to day environmental stresses.  With these Solar Paving modules, surfaces can be converted to clean power producing sites, locally produced, without consuming land that would have other potential uses, be it urban development (commercial, industrial, or residential) farming activities or natural wilderness.
In this BCSEA webinar, Dr. Whitwick of Solar Earth Technologies will introduce the emerging industry that is Pavement Integrated Photovoltaics.  Outlining the opportunities this unique hybrid solution provides, overviewing the challenges and pitfalls the industry has overcome, and discussing what the future holds.
Register here for this informational webinar on May 13, 3 p.m.

  • Time : 3:00 pm (UTC)
  • Venue : Webinar

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