Kamloops Chapter

Who we are

Working in our community for a clean, renewable energy future.

The Kamloops Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association advocates locally for sustainable energy solutions and raises awareness about the need to transition away from fossil fuels. We organize a variety of events throughout the year, incorporating a broad range of perspectives and partnerships. We’re solutions-oriented and we’re very proud of the large following we’ve developed in the Kamloops area since we started in 2004. For many people who support the principles of the BCSEA, the Chapter provides a satisfying means of promoting sustainable behaviours in a very hands-on, tangible way.

Do you have a great idea you’d like to share? Care to join our dynamic, fun and action-oriented team? Just drop us a message at kamloops@bcsea.org. You can check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

What we do

Our steering committee meets monthly to plan our initiatives and events. These tend to focus in two areas, public outreach and educating decision-makers.

In public outreach, we host events about renewable energy or sustainable behaviours, and we have always supported the Climate Change Showdown program, now called Cool It!, with an awards ceremony and press release.  

We also promote energy sustainability in City of Kamloops planning processes and are well known for speaking before City Council about energy issues.  

We use our various communication channels and good relationships with local media to reach a broad audience, building awareness of sustainable energy solutions.

When we meet

BCSEA Kamloops Chapter meets on a monthly basis, at events and with our steering committee meetings. Contact us to find out when our next steering committee meeting is and how to join!

Steering Committee and Projects

Please contact us as we’re always looking for new members for our steering committee and volunteers to help with our many different projects.


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