On the hottest day on record for Kamloops at 46.4°C, Kamloops City Council voted to adopt the Community Climate Action Plan.
With temperatures escalating daily into unprecedented and dangerous territory, and the air in the region beginning to fill with smoke from an out-of-control wildfire, a plan for action was finally approved after many years of encouragement and urging by members of the Kamloops BCSEA Chapter (and other like-minded groups and individuals).
It is a tremendous relief that our community will now have a climate action template to follow, and we hope a groundswell of community support will assist the City of Kamloops in actively implementing the initiatives of the 8 Big Moves outlined in the plan to achieve targeted reductions in GhG emissions.
It is not a moment too soon!

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BCSEA Chapter BC, Kamloops
Wednesday, July 7, 2021