With the recent news of the catastrophic wildfires in BC and elsewhere, coupled with the new IPCC report on climate change, the BCSEA is even more committed to continue doing the work we do.  Every day the BCSEA  works to educate British Columbia’s decision-makers, students, and the general public on what personal actions they can make in our fight for climate action.  Our BC Utility Commission team has been very active advocating before the commission, to urge them  consider climate and sustainability and not just cost when regulating BC’s utilities.  Take a look at the Policy Corner on BCSEA’s website to find articles on some of their recent activities.  Our Cool-It program is in high demand teaching students in grades 4 to 12 and their families, about the many ways they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  And our four chapters continue to find creative ways to educate people in their local areas about how to take effective climate action.

BCSEA, thanks to the assistance from our volunteer Yulia Stanovsky, the BC Government Launch Online Grant and RFDM Solutions, will be updating our website with a new booking system for our Cool It! Program.  We anticipate a mid-October launch date!

In the meantime, the BCSEA still need’s your support!  Please consider joining us or donating.  

You can reach us for any questions or concerns you have at info@bcsea.org

Message from the board
Friday, August 13, 2021