As we begin to transition to a post-pandemic world, there is optimism in the air and a renewed energy to start making the changes necessary for a better world.  Recent policy and budget announcements in Canada and the US suggest the interest in transitioning our continental energy system to a more sustainable one is real.  Here at BCSEA, we too have taken the opportunity to re-evaluate how we can effectively help with this transition.

As Board members have described in previous posts, we have completed our strategic planning with a focus on grassroots engagement and continuing policy work.  We are now starting to implement the actions to achieve the objectives laid out in the strategic plan.  In particular, we are developing new programming to expand on our successful Cool It! Program and re-developing our website to make it a go-to source of sustainable energy information and booking site for workshops.

Maintaining our position as a respected thought leader and information source requires resources.  We have finished the year in a strong financial position based on a number of unexpected donations.  These donations will go towards providing seed money to expand our programming.  We also received grants to expand the number of schools in which we deliver our Cool It! Program and to help with the website redevelopment. 

The strength of our voice relies on our membership.  Membership is a way of making your voice heard by policymakers that sustainable energy is important to you.  Please join us by becoming a member, a volunteer and/or a donor.  We would love to hear your thoughts – please send us a note to

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and sustainable summer!

Message from the board
Wednesday, July 7, 2021