As the pandemic continues to subside, your Okanagan Chapter returns with renewed energies. On July 8, our steering committee met to analyze and direct our next year and actively seek voices to join our cause. This next year is looking full of life!
We have heard of many sustainable energy advances that have occurred this past year and are eager to explore success stories around the energy solutions we need.
Sustainable transport 
Hot water 
Air cooling 
Energy efficiency, and more!
We are currently seeking information and model stories to share with our communities.  Do you have a story to share around solutions for ethically sourced technology, eco-friendly energy storage, socially just implementation, and cutting-edge innovation that meets (or leads us towards) all of the above and a transition that supports our climate stability.  
Are you geeking out about a novel energy idea? Share your story and join us!

BC, Okanagan
Wednesday, July 7, 2021