Alternative Power Systems of Canada (APS) is a division of the Olson Group. APS is the energy supply and installation division which provides solar, battery and generator systems to customers both on and off-grid. APS / Olson offers system design, engineering, and installation allowing our customers to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

APS offers customers the latest technology at the best prices. Individualized system simulations and designs benefit each customer with accurate power/energy data prior to installation. All system information, along with total system cost and ROI, is provided to the customer prior to installation allowing the customer to completely understand system performance. By knowing system performance and eliminating any assumptions, we’re able to offer longer performance warranties.

All APS systems offer:

-system design and engineering backed with industry leading performance warranties

-written warranties for existing structures

-remote monitoring for system performance and maintenance

-25 year manufacturer warranties on all major system components

-the best prices in Western Canada

We are passionate about providing clean, renewable energy systems with the best products at the best prices. We’re motivated by the fact that sustainable living and transportation are required for the future of our planet. Our customers understand that they can take control of their energy, save money, add value to their homes or properties, all while doing something to help the planet.

Contact: (855) 888-0599