Sustainability for a Complex World

BCIT is a leader in training highly skilled graduates with energy expertise in the engineering, technical and trades disciplines. The Renewable Energy Lab and the Advanced Certificate in Renewable Energy Electrical Systems Installation and Maintenance (REESIM) use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to demonstrate and teach the production of clean energy. The Centre for Energy Systems Applications (CESA), the High Performance Building Lab (HPBL) and the Sustainable Energy Management Advanced Certificate (SEMAC) advance education related to reducing the demand for energy through its efficient use in buildings and related infrastructure. We also practice what we preach. The Factor Four is an initiative on the Burnaby Campus that demonstrates ways to achieve a fourfold (75%) reduction in materials and energy use without compromising service levels (building occupant health and comfort and educational program delivery). The Institute’s first BC Hydro-sponsored Energy and Sustainability Manager explores how sustainability yields additional energy savings and how to integrate sustainable energy concepts into the curriculum.

For more information, visit or or contact Marita Luk at (604) 451-7188