Properate CEO, Arman Mottaghi, wins national green building leadership award

Founder of Properate is being recognized for transforming the home energy efficiency space  

Canada Green Building Council awards the CEO of Properate, Arman Mottaghi, the Emerging Green Leader In Green Buildings award for his significant contribution, commitment, and leadership in the home energy efficiency space in Canada. Arman’s passion for the green building industry led him to the innovation of Properate, an award-winning software suite with solutions for homeowners, construction professionals, governments, and utilities.

Amid a life-changing pandemic, uncertainties, and major changes worldwide, the award comes at a significant time to recognize Arman’s work in the green building space. 

As the entity behind LEED in Canada, Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is a not-for-profit, national organization with a two-decade track record of advancing green building and sustainable community development in Canada. Beyond LEED, CaGBC manages an array of green building events and standards for its thousands of professional members.

With 40% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from buildings, Arman has made it his mission to make homes more energy-efficient. “Low-rise residential buildings are an enormous part of our climate challenge. Fixing them comes hand in hand with improving our living spaces. I think everyone saw the importance of having a comfortable home this year. Many people were working from home, amid record-breaking temperatures, multiple heatwaves, and wildfires. What we give people is an economic way forward through a simple website ( that makes it easy for them to find home energy upgrades. Home energy efficiency can also help improve the indoor environment, making the home much healthier for the family.” says Arman.

Arman has a background in engineering and a master’s degree in building science. He is also active in leadership roles across the community, as a board director for the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA). Being an immigrant, Arman’s mission is not just to innovate, but to also create more economic opportunities and democratize access to technology. All this comes on the heels of empowering homeowners to save money on bills, make informed investments, and improve their living.

“We hear it from many people that they don’t always have a comfortable home temperature. Lots of people are seeing stuff like mold and leaks, but they are clueless about what to do or how much it would cost — before they discover Properate. Our work has shown that our health and home performance are directly related. We want to provide homeowners with accurate and comprehensive knowledge that empowers them to make the right decisions, customized for them and their upgrade needs.” says Arman. “Being named the emerging green building leader of the year is an honor and assurance that we are tackling the right kind of problems.”