Switch It Up BC

We are thrilled to share with you that the BC Sustainable Energy Association has taken the reins of Switch It Up BC.

Switch It Up BC! is an educational campaign working to raise awareness of the climate and health risks of residential natural gas, and the availability of healthier and non-polluting 100 per cent electric heating and cooking technologies.

This short video explains more.

Many British Columbians are unaware of the climate impacts of their own homes, and we want to help close that knowledge gap so people can make more informed decisions about how they heat and cool their houses and also cook their meals. It’s a great fit for us because we at BCSEA have long advocated for electrification as a leading solution to climate change.

Learn more about Switch It Up BC at our January 19 webinar. We are inviting all of our members and supporters to take the Switch It Up BC Pledge to choose modern-all electric appliances and equipment.

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