Victoria Chapter Letters and Sign Ons

The Victoria Chapter sometimes writes to government agencies, and other organizations to request action on reducing GHG emissions or to support and encourage actions by others that we believe will reduce GHG emissions.  We also sometimes sign on to similar letters originating from other organizations when requested to do so. Before signing on to a letter originating with another organization or organizations, we always work with the other organizations to make sure that their statements are supportable, accurate, and not in conflict with positions taken by the BCSEA or the Victoria Chapter.  It is not unusual for us to request changes in the text of the statement before we will sign on.  This page is an attempt to give those interested in our chapter’s activities a direct and transparent way to see what we are doing in this area.

In 2021 the BCSEA Victoria Chapter has signed two letters which originated with the Better Transit Alliance and were also endorsed by a number of other local organizations.  In both cases the letters urged the Capital Region District to actively work to reprioritize local transportation funding away from private vehicle oriented highway construction and “improvements” and toward more infrastructure support for transit and active transportation.  We supported CRD motions to urge the province to insure more transportation funding is directed to these kinds of projects and to direct CRD staff to study ways that we can shift South Island transportation funding away from highways and toward transit and active transportation. In calling for a new direction, we also pointed out that attempts to achieve “free traffic flow” have been shown to never be successful historically and inevitably lead to more sprawl and greenhouse gas emissions without achieving their objectives.

In 2021, the BCSEA Victoria Chapter also drafted and sent our own letter to the BC Ferries Commission in support of a submission from BC Ferries asking for permission to electrify 6 “Island Class” ferries.

Copies of the 2 letters we signed and the one we drafted ourselves are available for download below.

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