Victoria Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

We want YOU!  The Victoria Chapter is currently looking for volunteers to do these things:

Steering Committee Members

We can use 1 – 4 people to join our Chapter Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee plans all our events for the year.  Being on the Steering Committee gives you a direct voice in what kinds of things the Victoria Chapter is involved in and how they are carried off.  Steering Committee meetings usually take place once a month from 5:30 7:30 on a Monday.  During the Covid-19 pandemic these meetings have been held either virtually or at outdoors at a park when weather and lighting permit.  When the pandemic abates we will likely return to holding these meetings at members homes in Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich or Esquimalt.  We ask Steering Committee members to attend as many of these meetings as possible and to help with the various initiatives we are involved in.  Contact Paul Rasmussen if interested.

Volunteer Coordinator

We can use someone to help track and contact volunteers and to try to help keep them involved in our chapter.  Ideally you would also be willing to join our Steering Committee (see above).  Contact Paul Rasmussen if interested.

Youth Involvement Project

Note:  The BCSEA Youth Involvement Project activities will be suspended temporarily due to the health restrictions from the COVID-19 crisis.  We are still looking for volunteers for planning and for the YIP project and for helping with the project when we are able to resume it.

The Youth Involvement Project is a project to help get High School students more informed and involved in a sustainable future.  Youths in grades nine to twelve are concerned for their futures and what they can do to prevent global warming by reducing their carbon footprint. These students may be involved in their school’s Environmental Club and also involved in their community (ie. Recycling, Community Garden, Food Bank, etc. High school counselors are often overworked with student course corrections, student mental health issues, etc. and information about future Renewable Energy jobs is often non-existent or out-of-date from Job Counselors.  The BCSEA Victoria Chapter believes we could provide better information to both students and Career Counselors.

Ongoing: We are looking for adult educators who are interested in sustainability, carbon drawdown of “greenhouse gases, or renewable energy technologies and would be interested in educating students and the public. Those who volunteer could become better informed as to the latest findings of these topics.  Contact The Youth Involvement Project if interested.


Ongoing:  We can use someone to find interesting articles about the transition to renewable energy and related issues and post them on our Facebook page.

Project: We can use someone (or more than one person) to research and make initial contact with other organizations, websites, media outlets etc. that would allow us to communicate events and newsworthy things we are doing to the public.  Our current such list is outdated and incomplete.

Ongoing:  We can use help with the process of getting the word out to the public about our current activities as they are scheduled.

Contact Paul Rasmussen if interested.

Summer Event Tables

Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unlikely that these activities will take place during the summer of 2020.

Every summer the BCSEA Victoria Chapter sets up tables at some large local events such as Victoria Car Free Day and the Gorge Canada Day picnic.  We can always use people to help us staff our tables during the day.  You will always be paired with an experienced member of the Chapter.  Only enthusiasm for renewable energy and enjoyment of talking to people is needed!

If you would like your name to go on the list of people to staff tables at our events contact Paul Rasmussen.

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