Volunteer Opportunity as a Member of the BCSEA Board of Directors
Who we are: The BC Sustainable Energy Association is a network of action takers supporting sustainable energy policy, innovation and education in British Columbia.
Vision: A 100% sustainably powered British Columbia.
Mission: The go-to resource for advancing energy literacy in the province of British Columbia.
Position Description 
We promote sustainable energy in BC, including community engagement, public education, and policy advocacy, through public events hosted by our local chapters, our Cool It! Climate Leadership program, online resources, and participation in energy planning and government stakeholder engagement processes.
BCSEA as an organization is run by its volunteer board.  As a Board member, you will be part of the team of professionals guiding vision, strategy, fundraising, program and staff oversight and community engagement .  Your ideas, dedication and skills will help propel the organization to achieve broader impact and effectiveness. You will see how BCSEA influences decision-makers and provides inspiration to our members, chapters and the general public.  

Skills and Experience
Specific Skills: We welcome a diversity of skills on our Board.  Currently we are seeking new Board members with any of these proven skills and experience:
Human Resources 
Business and Community Leadership
Experience in renewable energy or energy conservation 
Experience in governance or fundraising for non-profit organizations
General Skills: ability to work as part of a team; visionary; planning ability; strong communicator; knowledge of BCSEA; connected in community; ability to analyze and take calculated risks; long term commitment to BCSEA.
Commit to the mission and work of BCSEA
Perform Board governance and oversight role including setting vision, mission and strategy for BCSEA; approve budget; help with fundraising and supervision and recruitment of staff and Board members; ensure compliance with laws and BCSEA Constitution and Bylaws
Serve as knowledge centre in one of:  board governance, finance, advocacy, fundraising, energy policy, sustainable energy technology, energy retrofits, energy education or energy leadership in business or BC politics
Attend monthly Board meetings and regular committee meetings via teleconferencing
Promote BCSEA in the community
Time & Travel Commitment
The Board member role is a volunteer position, which requires a time commitment of up to 15 hours per month. Meetings are held via teleconferencing.  Board members may live anywhere in BC and typically meet in person once each year, for a strategic planning session.
Board members must make a commitment to serve at least 2 years on the BCSEA Board.  
Benefits & Recognition 
Know that you are putting your best efforts toward shifting British Columbia to an equitable, prosperous, low-carbon economy and lifestyle 
Contribute your knowledge and leadership expertise to further our mission and goals 
Connect with like-minded professionals who are passionate believers in our vision of a clean, sustainable energy future for BC
Develop Board governance and leadership skills
No paid compensation although your travel and other expenses will be reimbursed, if required.
How to Apply/Contact
To be eligible for a position on the Board, applicants must have been a BCSEA member in good standing for at least 3 months.  Please submit a resume and brief letter outlining your interest. Applications can be submitted via email to  Application deadline is November 7, 2021.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021